Milwaukee Area Dentist Tony Cigno Publishes First in Two-Part Article Series on Proper Tooth Brushing

Press Release: Proper Tooth Brushing and Tooth Brushing Mistakes

Milwaukee area dentist Dr. Tony shares the right way to brush teeth – proper tooth brushing – starting with what you’re (likely) doing wrong… your tooth brushing mistakes.

Greenfield, WI — March 27, 2018 — Wisconsin Dentist Tony Cigno recently published an article titled, “Dental Care Tips – Tooth Brushing Part 1: Tooth Brushing Mistakes – Are You Doing It Wrong?!

Dr. Cigno starts of this first article in the series by acknowledging that there are many other articles about proper tooth brushing found online. Furthermore, there isn’t one best way to brush teeth.

However, as a best Milwaukee dentist of high esteem, he loves sharing his top tips for brushing right with readers as well. Especially, because his articles approach the subject from a slightly different angle.

In this piece, he goes over some common tooth brushing mistakes. Dr. Cigno states, “One piece of dental care advice that many people overlook, is brushing teeth properly. Brushing your teeth seems like an easy, day-to-day, task. However, the majority of us may not be brushing as well as we could.”

On the other hand, he adds, “The good news is that where there are tooth brushing mistakes, there are also solutions.”

One of the solutions he offers is picking the right brush. Or rather, one of the mistakes is picking the wrong toothbrush for the job. He says, “Picking a toothbrush is hard enough because there is a vast selection from which to choose. Picking the RIGHT toothbrush is even harder. Our Milwaukee dentist office favorite is the Oral B Electric toothbrush. But whether you go electric or manual, you first want a brush that can cover all the necessary places.”

Dr. Cigno then also cautions to be sure the bristles of your toothbrush are soft against the teeth and gums. Hard bristles can be damaging both to enamel and sensitive gum tissue and there are symptoms of over brushing teeth, just as there are for when you’re not practicing proper teeth brushing.

Of course, he adds, there are steps to brushing teeth right and he shares those as well. These include when should you brush your teeth, how often you should brush your teethhow long to brush your teeth and how to brush teeth properly.

The entire article can be found here:

About Dr. Tony Cigno

Milwaukee Dentist Dr. Antonio (Tony) Cigno has been practicing dentistry for 25 years. He received a DMD from the Washington University School of Dental Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Cigno is also finishing a Fellowship and Mastership at the Academy of General Dentistry.

Additionally, he has written and published several articles and is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, American Association of Functional Orthodontics, and the International Association of Orthodontics. Dr. Cigno was Wisconsin’s very 1st and Premiere Provider of Fastbraces and one of 10 senior master affiliates in the world.

Committed to continuing education, Dr. Cigno has completed over 600 hours of additional courses in implant dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, fixed prosthodontics, myofascial pain/occlusion and operative dentistry. He also has another 400 hours in interpersonal communication training.

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