Patient Appreciation Picnic July 29th

Our Cigno Family Dental Patient Appreciation Picnic July 29th

patient-appreciation-cigno-family-dentalHere at Cigno Family Dental, one of our main objectives (besides offering world class dental healthcare) is to help bring together the Milwaukee community. We know that there are many options when it comes to dentistry, and we are so grateful for our patients’ continued loyalty that we want to show you just how appreciative we are!

On Wednesday, July 29th (next week), we’re hosting the 6th annual Cigno Family Dental Patient Appreciation Picnic from 5 pm to 8 pm at Idle Isle Park in Muskego. Will you be there? We hope so!

Enjoy the Water Bugs and Have a Hot Dog – On Us!
Did you know that every Wednesday night the Muskego Water Bugs [LINK:], a local water ski team, performs a completely free show at 6:30? The team is incredibly talented – you’ll be amazed at some of the acrobatics they can perform on water skis.

Our picnic will be close enough to the water that you can have a hotdog, grab some chips and a soda on us, and watch the Water Bugs zip and twirl around the lake. This group is a favorite of the Cigno Family Dental team, and we think you’ll like them, too.

Have You Ever Wanted to Dunk the Doctor?
From 5 to 6 pm, Dr. Cigno is going to sing and play some of his favorite tunes on guitar. After that, at 6 pm, he’s agreed to participate in the kids’ annual favorite… “Dunk the Doctor”!

If you’re wondering what sort of game “Dunk the Doctor” is, imagine a dunk tank filled with frigid well water, a nervously smiling Dr. Cigno and a gang of rowdy kids and you’ll get the idea! This game always ends with a sopping wet dentist, and the kids love it.

Any child who wants to will have the chance to step right up and give it a shot… although we’ve noticed that running up and pushing the “dunk” button illegally seems more exciting to the kids that a legitimate hit on the target! Either way is fine with Dr. Cigno, it’s all in the spirit of good fun!

The Details
We sure hope you’ll join us for this fun event! Here are the details…

WHAT: Cigno Family Dental 6th Annual Patient Appreciation Picnic
WHERE: Idle Isle Park in Muskego
WHEN: Wednesday, July 29th from 5-8 pm
WHY: Because we appreciate your business!

Please call 988-6433 to let us know that you’ll be coming and how many people you’re going to bring with you. We welcome all your friends and family, whether they are Cigno Family Dental patients or not!

Please note that the dental office will be closed on July 29th for the picnic.

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