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Looking for a dentist in the Milwaukee area? We’d love to be of service!

A general dentist in Milwaukee and Greenfield, WI, Tony Cigno prides himself on offering solutions for all your dental needs. Learn more about the different Greenfield and Milwaukee dental services we offer below.

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Milwaukee Family Dentistry / Greenfield Family Dentistry

Are you looking for a family dentist in Milwaukee or Greenfield? Cigno family dental is your one-stop solution for all your dental care needs. We stay at the forefront of dental care with the latest techniques and technology. Whether you need x-rays and a dental cleaning, or a crown, other dental implants, or even Invisalign or Fastbraces, we can assist!

Orthodontics and Braces

When you or a family member needs to straighten teeth or correct the bite, no need to go anywhere else. We can help you get the smile of your dreams. You have many choices for Greenfield and Milwaukee orthodontics and we offer some of the best options you can find! With choices such as Fastbraces® and Invisalign®, you can get a beautiful smile with Cigno Family Dental.

Crowns, Veneers, and Smile Makeovers

When your teeth have been injured or damaged – or you just aren’t happy with your smile – Cigno Family Dental can assist! Depending on how much repair or correction your teeth need, we offer specific solutions. A dental crown for example, might be needed on top of the tooth if there is significant damage. On the other hand, Cerec® veneers might be the best choice to perfect the smile when multiple teeth need repair or adjustment.

Root Canals

Think or been told you need a root canal? Dr. Tony Cigno performs top-quality root canals in Milwaukee and Greenfield. The root canal procedure removes the damaged and infected tissues inside the tooth and then closes the chamber so that the damage cannot get worse. Often a root canal might be followed with a crown for further protection.

Periodontal/Gum Disease

Periodontal disease – or gum disease – can range from mild to serious. If you are in the Milwaukee area and think you might have a gum disease issue, Dr. Tony Cigno can help. Left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss and even further health problems. For your protection, we screen for gum disease every 12 – 18 months. If any gum disease is identified, the type of treatment depends on the severity. For mild cases, it can often be treated without surgery. Therefore, please don’t delay getting checked for gum disease if you have any symptoms at all or even if you are just worried about the potential for gum disease now or in the future.

EZ Dental Implants

Almost always, when you lose a tooth, is a dental emergency – an urgent dental matter. Finding an emergency dentist in Milwaukee or Greenfield doesn’t have to be difficult any longer. We offer competent and fast urgent dental care. Did you know that missing teeth can pose a significant health risk now and throughout life? An EZ Dental Implant is a titanium root form that is gently and carefully placed where the previous tooth was. The surface of the implant is treated in such a way that your bone actually bonds to it. It essentially becomes part of you.


For your Milwaukee orthodontic or Greenfield orthodontic needs, Fastbraces® are one of the latest innovations that can straighten teeth fast. Dr. Tony Cigno is a premier provider of Fastbraces®. Many patients can get straight teeth in a year or less!


Invisalign® is another great option for your Greenfield and Milwaukee orthodontic needs. Invisalign® consists of a series of clear aligners that straighten the teeth. Invisalign can be a great option for people who don’t want the look of traditional dental braces.

Anxiety Free Sedation

Looking for sedation dentistry in Milwaukee or Greenfield? We can help. Sedation dentistry can make going to the dentist a lot easier for people with dental phobias or dental anxiety. It involves giving medication prior to or before a dental procedure that might normally be anxiety-provoking for the patient.

CEREC® (single visit) Restoration

Cerec® restorations are simply amazing. Using the Cerec® machine in our Milwaukee dentist office, allows us to help restore a tooth or teeth in a single procedure and can be utilized for crowns, veneers, bonding, onlays and inlays.


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