Your Dentist in Milwaukee Offering Sedation Dentistry to Make Your Dental Appointment Nice and Easy

No matter how gentle we promise to be, we still see patients who are terrified of any kind of dental work. This is commonly called dental anxiety. Even a simple checkup can make people tremble with fear. Dental anxiety and dental phobias are very real conditions for more individuals than you might imagine.

That’s why our Greenfield and Milwaukee sedation dentistry has become so popular! It can feel like a blessing for those who do suffer from mild to severe dental anxiety.

Oral hygiene and dental care are essential to your body’s health. We want to ensure you get the dental treatment you need – without the anxiety you would normally feel during a visit.

Anxiety-Free Sedation Dentistry is a safe, comfortable way to have your teeth cared for…

With sedation dentistry, as it’s commonly called, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort – in fact, you might not even remember the treatment you’ve received!

sedation dentistry at your milwaukee dentist

However, sedation dentistry is not like dentistry under general anesthesia, which is extreme and unnecessary for lesser dental procedures. Also referred to as “oral conscious sedation” you’re given a pill to take an hour before your appointment, and then an additional pill or pills once you arrive, depending on your level of anxiety.

Your heart rate and oxygen levels are carefully monitored throughout the entire procedure. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to go home – with a healthy mouth and a bright smile!

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