Did you know that if you are missing any teeth you are more likely to have other serious illnesses throughout your life?

Would your dentist consider dental implants? Have you ever wondered what your dentist would do if there was an accident and he or she lost some teeth?

Dr. Cigno believes:

“If I lost one or lost multiple teeth what I would do?” Without a doubt, what I would do – as I have done in the mouths of my family members and dearest friends – is replace lost teeth with a dental implant Milwaukee!

An EZ Dental Implant is a titanium root form that is gently and carefully placed where the previous tooth was. The surface of the implant is treated in such a way that your bone actually bonds to it. It essentially becomes part of you.

A crown is then placed on top of the implant and you are able to chew with it and clean it just like with natural teeth. Crowns look and function so naturally that if you lost a front tooth you could have it replaced with an implant and nobody would know.

Implants are not just for front teeth though. If you are missing any – or even all – of your teeth, dental implants will provide you with the strongest and most realistic life-like solution. You will feel whole again. You will be more confident when you smile and face the world. And you will be able to chew better than with any other form of tooth replacement.

If ever in the situation, hands down if I ever lost a tooth, I would replace it with a dental implant.

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There is no guess work here, the EZ Implant Systems use a 3-D imagining to safely and comfortably plan the precise placement of your implant. The planning and guides are so precise that the implants are placed in minutes with no cutting of the tissue or sutures needed. All the work is done in a computer 3-D imaging system so for you it’s easy!

Imagine being able to smile without the embarrassment of missing teeth or ill-fitting partial or dentures. Don’t you owe it to yourself to strong, confident… whole?


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