Get a better smile with our smile makeovers that might include crowns, veneers, and even teeth whitening.

Crowns – Milwaukee crowns

Depending on the extent of breakdown or disease a tooth has, it might be necessary to place a filling, an inlay or onlay, or a full or partial crown.

Inlays, onlays, and ¾ crowns cover the chewing surface of the tooth.  Fillings are designed to only plug small holes in a tooth. A full crown covers every surface of the tooth.  The majority of your tooth still remains underneath the restoration and is supported and strengthened by the crown.  Taken care of properly, this often is the best choice to restore a decayed or broken down tooth.

Dr Cigno says:

“Many doctors still place what is referred to as a PFM or porcelain fused to metal crown. While this combination of material protects and strengthens the tooth, similar to a gold crown, over time many patients end up disappointed from an aesthetic point of view. This is because the grayness of the metal can reflect through the tissue and be very unsightly or artificial looking.

This is when you can tell someone has “CAPS”.  It is my opinion, with the advanced technology available to cutting-edge dentists, that if you can tell it is dental work, it’s not good dental work.  With advanced materials, technology and training, we are able to create all-porcelain restorations that are not only strong but are natural a vibrant looking.  In other words, we can create restorations that look and like teeth not traditional “CAPS”

Veneers – Milwaukee veneers and milwaukee tooth overlays

In our office, we are trained in – and offer – the most advanced all-ceramic dental technology to create a strong, natural-looking, restoration with our state of the art CEREC CAD Cam technology. You can have a ceramic restoration without an impression in about the same time it takes to do a few fillings.

Porcelain veneers – alternatively termed dental veneers – are wafer-thin shells of porcelain bonded onto the front side of teeth. This creates a cosmetic improvement for a tooth.  Porcelain veneers dramatically change and enhance a smile, building self-confidence in a very short amount of time.


Are you happy with your smile? If not, talk to us about the option of crowns and veneers for a smile makeover. Of course, we can help you with teeth whitening as well. We would love to be your Greenfield or Milwaukee dentist.

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