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Milwaukee area dentist Dr. Tony discusses potential ingredients one might find in natural toothpastes. Greenfield, WI — September 13, 2018 — Wisconsin Dentist Tony Cigno recently published an article titled, “What’s Hiding In Your “Natural Toothpaste?” Toothpastes in general, explains Dr. Cigno, aren’t really “regulated.” The exception is if or when fluoride is included in...

Toothpaste ingredients are not regulated for the most part. An exception is the fluoride used in fluoride toothpastes since fluoride can be toxic at very high doses. “Natural toothpastes” as we covered in our last article, are very popular these days. We also discussed that natural toothpastes are often not only not better for your...

Milwaukee area dentist Dr. Tony shares information about natural toothpastes and whether they are appropriate for dental needs. Greenfield, WI — September 7, 2018 — Wisconsin Dentist Tony Cigno recently published an article titled, “Why Natural Toothpaste Might Not be the Best Choice for Dental Care.” Today, there’s a big push to go as natural...

Crest and Colgate are our trusted toothpaste brands, but if you take a look beside those, you’ll find some others that call themselves “healthier” options. These “healthier” products claim to be composed of more eco-friendly and natural ingredients. Furthermore, some of these products claim to have other positive effects in your mouth as well, such...

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