dental emergency

We have two sets of teeth, baby teeth and permanent adult teeth.

Those adult teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but there are numerous reasons why tooth extraction may be needed. Sometimes due to a dental 911 – a dental emergency. And sometimes, due to other dental injury or disease. If a tooth becomes too badly damaged from trauma or decay and it’s too bad to repair, then it will need to be extracted.

flossing teeth

Anyone who has ever been to the dentist has heard that flossing is an important part of oral health.

Yet, many still avoid it at all costs. However, this is not wise. Flossing is one of the most important things we can do to maintain our dental health. Brushing your teeth is like washing a plate—you don’t just wash one side and say the cleaning is done. When you brush your teeth, your toothbrush is


It is really no secret that eating too much sugar can lead to tooth decay and cavities.

As such, you may want to keep this in mind after holidays such as Halloween, Easter, or Valentines Day, when kids are getting eating a lot of sugary candy. But it’s actually not the sugar itself that does the damage. Instead, it’s the chain of events that follow. Thus, it’s not only important for you to be aware

oral hygiene and dental health

As long as your teeth are white, and your breath smells decent, you probably haven’t put much thought into your oral health.

Yet, even if you brush and floss every day – practicing the best oral hygiene and most proper oral hygiene possible – you could be missing some signs regarding the state of your overall health, that show up in the mouth.

Research has shown that there is a correlation between oral problems and

tooth brushing and dental care tips

Dental Care Tips: Proper Tooth Brushing

In Part 1 of our dental care tips on proper tooth brushing, we talked about some ways people brush their teeth “wrong”—or not as good as they should.

Remember – brushing your teeth incorrectly can damage the enamel and cause permanent damage. Therefore, brushing your teeth the right way is critical to dental health. Of course, these are great dental tips for kids

tooth brushing mistakes and dental care tips

While there are tons of dental care tips available on the web, as a Greenfield and Milwaukee dentist office, we love sharing our favorites with you too! We especially like helping you avoid tooth brushing mistakes.

One piece of dental care advice – dental care tips – that many people overlook, is brushing teeth properly. Brushing your teeth seems like an easy, day-to-day, task. However, the majority of us may not be brushing as well as

dental procedures and dental treatments

The world of dentistry and dental technology has tremendously improved over the past couple hundred years or so. Dentists are now able to do in a dental procedure or dental procedures, what would have been the unthinkable 100 years ago.

Not only is the impossible now possible as it relates to dental technology and advances in dental procedures, but these advances makes for much safer and effective procedures all the way around!

Don’t believe it?

electric toothbrush

Many people seem to believe the toothpaste chosen is the most important part of brushing, but that’s not always the case. In many cases, the toothbrush itself is the most important part of brushing your teeth. That is why we love electric toothbrushes here at Cigno Dental!

If you want to brush better, you should start by choosing a good toothbrush.

Consider investing in an electric toothbrush rather than a traditional toothbrush.

Here’s why – or ways

mouth hurts

Even though it’s not usually a dental emergency, oral pain shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Pain in the mouth is often caused by ulcers, canker sores, cold sores, and inflammation. There are types of mouth infections that can cause pain too. Inflammation is usually caused by yeast infections, tobacco use, medications, fungal infections, irritation, and some illnesses.

No matter the cause of mouth pain, there are different ways to help relieve it.

Dealing with mouth ulcers

aging and dental care

Aging and dental care… We often struggle with dental issues such as tooth decay, but these issues can cause an even bigger problem as we age.

That’s why it is important to take care of your teeth early on, to prevent bigger problems later. And again, aging and dental care can become a big problem if not addressed throughout life.

Tooth brushing tips for older adults

The bathroom sink isn’t the only place you can

dental health

Milwaukee Dental Tips

In Part 1 of this two-part series, we talked about why the new year is the perfect time for a complete evaluation of your dental health – a self-assessment and getting a thorough dental exam – to start the year off right. The good news is that for those who have dental savings or health savings plans, those plans will generally renew with the new year.
preparing dental health for 2018

WOW. It’s hard to believe that another year is in the books! With a new one upon us, this is a good time to do an evaluation of your current dental health. The first phase of your new year dental health review is taking stock of your current dental condition. You need to know where you stand in order to know what needs to be addressed now, or in the near future. This begins with

itchy teeth and why teeth itch

As weird as the idea of “itchy teeth” might sound to some people, it’s a pretty common occurrence to others.

When teeth itch, the feeling can range from mildly irritating to downright annoying. Furthermore, what makes itchy teeth even more frustrating, is that when teeth itch, it often seems like there is little you can do to relieve the itchy feeling. At Cigno Dental, Dr. Tony Cigno strives to be a one-stop-shop for all your

itchy gums

Just as with itchy teeth, itchy gums can be a nuisance or a sign of something more serious.

In general, gums are sensitive tissue and thus, sensitive in nature. Without proper care and attention, gums can easily get inflamed, or worse. Sometimes, however, gums can itch for more benign reasons that while not dangerous, can range from mildly to severely annoying.

Some possible causes of itchy gums can be:

  • Gum disease or other dental
dental emergencies over the holidays

Holiday dental emergencies stink. A dental emergency – a dental accident or dental injury that happens unexpectedly and that must be addressed immediately to prevent further damage or harm – is not only urgent, but also a total bummer when it happens over the holidays.

Why are holiday dental emergencies so tough? First, the dental emergency often interrupts the joyous time being spent with family and friends. Second, when dental emergencies happen, it can be difficult

protecting your teeth from holiday dental risks

Urgent dental and holiday risks

Protecting your teeth is vital! The holidays are here, the holidays are here! The holidays are often such an exciting, happy, and joyful time! For many of us, we will get together – communing, reminiscing, and even celebrating – with family and friends a few to several times over the holidays.

However, while this is surely something most look forward to and enjoy, it can sometimes

knocked out tooth emergency dental treatment

Emergency dental treatment is vital in the case of a knocked-out tooth.

Would you believe that more than 5 million teeth are knocked out in a single year?! It’s not super-easy to knock out a tooth but it’s not necessarily difficult either. The good news is that if this happens to your child or to you, the tooth isn’t necessarily lost for good. The technical term for a tooth that’s been knocked out is an

is fluoride safe - fluoride toothpaste

Many people commonly wonder – is fluoride safe? In 2014, the Lancet Neurology medical journal published an article saying that fluoride – commonly found in drinking water and routinely used to protect teeth and preserve dental health – was dangerous to the brain of developing children. Since that time, many concerned and conscientious parents have worried and wondered whether the fluoride they thought was protecting their children was harming them. As dentists, we never mind

dental x-rays at milwaukee dentist

In a recent article, we covered the different types of dental x-rays your dentist may perform to monitor your dental health. Yet, one question that seems to always be on the mind of many is, “Are dental x-rays really safe?” Sure, it is natural to consider this question. After all, the radiograph machine is pointed straight at your head!

The benefits of dental x-rays are well-known and accepted at this point. Yet, it’s

x-rays from pediatric dentist in Milwaukee

We’ve been talking a lot about x-rays recently. We’ve covered the types of x-rays and x-ray safety.

By now, you should know the three major types of x-rays: intraoral, extraoral, and panoramic. You should also know that dental x-rays are extremely safe and are constantly being made safer through lower x-ray radiation levels, better film, and improved processes.

Now, let’s talk about how often you should have dental x-rays—when are dental x-rays necessary?

Some people

milwaukee dentist looking at dental x-rays

Dental x-rays help your dentist to keep your teeth in tip-top shape. Dental x-rays are also an important part of protecting your dental health. There are a few different types of dental x-rays you should get as part of routine dental care.

Two main categories of dental x-rays exist. They are intraoral x-rays and extraoral x-rays.

With the intraoral type, the film is placed in the mouth. With extraoral x-rays, films are placed outside of

white teeth and preventing tooth stains

People love white teeth! Many people simply feel they look happier and healthier with white teeth.

It’s also been proven that people who have white teeth smile more often. Thus, they’re viewed as happier, healthier, and friendlier too!

Consequently, making and keeping teeth white is a big focus for dental professionals and patients alike.

Of course, today, there are many ways to whiten the teeth quickly, fairly easily, and rather inexpensively.

Yet, one of the

dental braces at Milwaukee dentist

Of course, there are MANY reasons to LOVE braces!

Braces do an amazing job of straightening the teeth and fixing dental bite problems.

On the other hand, the reason braces work is because they move and shift the teeth. This is usually done through tightening or adjusting traditional braces, or via a new aligner with Invisalign. In both cases, the key is that each time tooth movement is changed or altered, there is going to

Milwaukee dentist white smile makeover with crowns and veneers

Here at Cigno Family Dental, our entire reason for being revolves around YOUR SMILE. In fact, the goal of all we do, is giving you a smile you LOVE!

Our primary mission is twofold: giving you a healthy smile – comprised of healthy teeth and healthy gums AND helping you have a smile that makes you more confident about sharing it (SMILING) more often!

The smile is ultra-important. It “says” so much to others and

little boy afraid at dentist in milwaukee

As explained in our recent post, “Dental Anxiety and Dental Phobia: When People Are Afraid of the Dentist,” we discussed the difference between dental anxiety and a dental phobia. We also briefly touched on sedation dentistry and how it’s been a great solution for some who experience these issues associated with dental procedures.

An overview of dental anxiety and dental phobia…

But let’s dive a little deeper into understanding dental anxiety

woman with dental phobia at dentist in milwaukee

A Colgate article on dental phobia and dental anxiety contends people with dental phobia and dental anxiety will go to amazing extremes to keep from visiting the dentist.

They say:

To avoid it, they’ll put up with gum infections (periodontal disease), pain, or even broken and unsightly teeth. Dental anxiety and phobia are extremely common. It has been estimated that 9% to 15% of Americans avoid seeing the dentist because of

dentists in milwaukee help tooth sensitivity

Does the idea of hot or cold food or drinks make you wince in anticipatory pain? Maybe even sweet or sour food – even wind – makes you nervous, knowing your teeth are not going to be happy? Tooth sensitivity is zero fun. Having a tooth or teeth that are sensitive can result in anything from mild discomfort to searing pain. In any case, tooth sensitivity is not something anyone wants to deal with—especially on

dentist in milwaukee talks risks of ice chewing

Many people love chewing ice. Whether it’s the crunch itself that’s appealing, or maybe it’s just become a habit, chomping on ice can be hard to stop once you start.

But did you know chewing ice can be harmful to your dental health?

Your dental health, of course, is important to us at here at Cigno Family Dental. That’s why we think it’s vital you have the facts on how and why chewing ice is

Milwaukee area dentist Dr. Tony Cigno provides information about the CEREC Smile Makeover process and how it solves tooth discoloration and chipped teeth. Greenfield, WI — April 17, 2017 — Wisconsin Dentist Tony Cigno recently published an article titled, “Want Beautiful Teeth? Whiten Teeth Permanently & Fix Chipped and Crooked Teeth with a CEREC Smile Makeover!” Who doesn’t want straight, white, teeth? People with beautiful teeth are viewed as being happier, healthier, and even younger. That’s

CEREC® Smile Makeover at Milwaukee area dentist

Why consider a CEREC® smile makeover?

There’s something about straight, full-sized, white teeth that simply makes a person look…better. Study after study shows people perceive others who have white, straight, teeth as looking younger, more attractive, and even healthier than others.

That’s one reason crowns and veneers – specifically CEREC® veneers – to straighten and whiten teeth fast have become so popular.

Not surprisingly, those with great teeth smile more often too, making them look

dentists near me who treat gum disease

One of the things most patients dread hearing from the dentist is, “You have serious gum disease.”

There are many reasons for this fear and unfortunately, some of that fear is founded. After all, serious gum disease usually requires serious gum disease treatments.

Recent studies show that gum disease – especially untreated gum disease – can be detrimental to a person’s overall health. Significant gum disease, left unattended over time, has even been associated with

popular dental terms for your family dentist in Milwaukee

It’s a new year and so felt it was a good time to update our A to Z list of some common dental terms you likely hear from us – or your dentist – at least from time to time.

Enjoy our dental terms list and please comment if there has any term you have heard and would like defined OR that you think should be included in our next Dental Terms A to Z

dental terms from Cigno family dental Milwaukee dentist near me

It’s a new year and so felt it was a good time to update our A to Z list of some common dental terms you likely hear from us – or your dentist – at least from time to time.

Enjoy our dental terms list and please comment if there has any term you have heard and would like defined OR that you think should be included in our next Dental Terms A to Z

Milwaukee family dental tips

Milwaukee Family Dental Tips – Health Signs in the Mouth

In our last article with Milwaukee family dental tips, we shared with you some major illness and condition alerts your dental health can provide. Yet, there are other – not necessarily major, but important – health clues your mouth can give you as well.

Therefore, we decided to share a few more Milwaukee family dental tips regarding health signals your oral

Milwaukee dentist treatment plan

Milwaukee Dentist Dr. Tony Cigno Shares 4 Ways Your Mouth Reveals Your Overall Health.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. And that may be true. However, it might be just as accurate to say your dental health speaks volumes about your general health too.

Dr. Tony Cigno has been a Milwaukee Dentist for many years. He has become an expert on identifying dental issues at their beginning stages – before they

Tony Cigno, dentist in Milwaukee, shares tips on preventing and treating holiday dental emergencies. Greenfield, WI — January 3, 2017— Wisconsin Dentist Tony Cigno recently published an article titled, “Holiday Dental Care Tips from Milwaukee Dentist Dr. Tony Cigno – Preventing & Treating Holiday Dental Emergencies!” As Dr. Cigno says, the last thing you want to deal with over the holidays is a dental emergency. Yet, he adds, “There are some dental mishaps that are

dentist in milwaukee shares how to prevent holiday dental emergencies

Dr. Tony Cigno – Dentist in Milwaukee – Holiday Dental Care Tip 2

This holiday season our Dentist in Milwaukee, Dr. Tony Cigno, is doing a short miniseries on dental care considerations for keeping teeth healthy during this special time. Over the holidays, you want to hang out with friends and family. You want to relax. You want to have fun and enjoy your time together. Thus, the last thing you want to do is deal

Milwaukee Dentist Holiday Dental Care Tips

Dr. Tony Cigno – Dentist in Milwaukee – Holiday Dental Care Tip 1

This holiday season our Milwaukee Dentist Dr. Tony Cigno is doing a short miniseries on dental care considerations for keeping teeth healthy during this special time. One thing there is no shortage of during the holiday is sugary treats. Cookies, cakes, fudge, jams and jellies, homemade candies, pies, and more… every type of sweet imaginable seems to always be around home and

best toothbrushes for family dentistry

Did you know the earliest toothbrush dates back to about 5000 years ago? However, way back then it was just a stick with the end frayed. It was called a “chew stick” and was simply rubbed against the teeth to remove food. From about 500 years ago, toothbrushes began to be made with ivory, wood, or bone handles and bristles of hogs and boars. In 1938, the first nylon bristle toothbrush (the

sedation dentistry in family dentistry

Going to the dentist – whether for a significant procedure or just a standard tooth cleaning – makes many people nervous. This dental anxiety can be attributed to a number of reasons such as the sound the drill makes, the fear of pain, or even just laying back for long periods of time with someone’s hands in your mouth (a modest form of claustrophobia).

No matter the reason, visiting the dentist shakes a person up

tooth sensitivity and dental care at milwaukee dentist

Ever bite into something sweet, sour, or cold and feel a sharp, shooting, pain? A pain that seems to start in your mouth but like a bolt of lightning, quickly travels through all the nerves in your head in no time flat?

This sensation is the result of tooth sensitivity and it can range from mildly uncomfortable to nearly excruciating.

Most often, tooth sensitivity occurs when the protective enamel that covers your teeth begins to

brushing with braces tips milwaukee dentist

If you have braces, there may be few other times in your life when proper tooth brushing is so important.

Brushing with braces isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be that difficult either. The key is knowing the right way to brush when you have braces on your teeth and knowing what to avoid too!

Brushing with braces Key #1

When brushing with braces, be sure and use the right tool for the job.

when braces hurt and braces pain

For straightening teeth and/or correcting a misaligned bite, braces undoubtedly are a modern miracle.

Especially today, when there are more braces options – many of which work better and faster than ever before – braces are becoming even more common and accessible.

Why do braces hurt sometimes and what you can you do to treat braces pain?

Essentially, braces work by using varying degrees of pressure to move the teeth in the mouth. For most

straighten your teeth with braces at Milwaukee dentist

So you’ve been told you or your kid – or another loved one – needs braces. Maybe this comes as no surprise. After all, many need braces to straighten their teeth or correct a bite problem.

Yet, you still likely have questions. Such as what choices for braces exist now? How much will your braces cost? How long will you wear them? How they heck do braces work to straighten your teeth anyway? Let’s start

cosmetic dentistry at Cigno family dental Milwaukee

Cosmetic dentistry may seem off the table for some. Universally, many people have a fear of the visiting the dentist. For others, it’s even a phobia. For those who do get that oh-too-familiar knot in their stomach just thinking about making a dental appointment – much less showing up for it – the most distressing part is there doesn’t seem to be anything that can be done about it.

dental insurance for dental care at Milwaukee dentist

You probably don’t need to be convinced that dental care is important not only for your teeth, mouth, and gums but for your overall health as well.

In today’s modern society, there is no real excuse for you not to get the dental care you want and need. Yet, there are still people who don’t get that care. Sometimes, it’s because they are afraid of

dental emergencies need a dentist near me Milwaukee

It’s pretty widely known and accepted today that dental health is a fairly important factor in general health too.

Visiting the dentist regularly is a key component to achieving and maintaining dental health. Also important are brushing twice a day, flossing, using mouthwash and eating a balanced diet. 

Minor dental problems, if ignored, can become major dental problems or even dental emergencies

Cosmetic Dentistry helping create the perfect smile

When you smile, people see you as happier, healthier, and younger. Science has even proven you actually are healthier when you smile more often.

Cosmetic dentistry helps people like you be more confident and smile more often. 

Of course, cosmetic dentistry can also help to correct dental issues like structural anomalies and can fix bite problems Tags: , ,

gum disease and emergency dental treatment Milwaukee Greenfield

We are going to pick right back up with our “Horror Movie Lurking In Your Mouth” sequence with two other nightmare-to-be dental dangers if they are left unattended.

In the last article we discussed “Mercury Madness” and the dangers of abscessed teeth.

But there are other potential hazards – potential dental emergencies and dental dangers – lurking in your mouth as well.

Crooked Teeth: More than Meets the Eye

Often, people want to straighten their teeth because

dental dangers treated by dentists near me Milwaukee Greenfield

You probably don’t need to be convinced that regular dental care is important to the function and aesthetic of your teeth. But maybe you don’t realize it’s so much more important than that.

There are very specific dental dangers that – if left untreated – can, not only be harmful to your dental health, they can be downright dangerous as well! 


pediatric dental care from dentists near me Milwaukee Greenfield

No doubt your kids are your pride and joy! Any good parent wants to make sure their kids are well-cared for and will do anything in their power to ensure they do their part.

This same diligence should extend to your kids dental health too! Proper pediatric dental care helps to keep your kids’ and teen’s teeth as healthy as their body!

When you need a pediatric dentist Milwaukee, our family dentistry practice at Cigno

Milwaukee pediatric dental care dirty mouth

With teens, there are a host of things we as parents worry about. Some days it doesn’t seem to stop.

But did you know dental decay is the most common chronic disease among teenagers ages 5 to 17 according to the CDC on pediatric dental care?

Of course, this problem becomes even more likely in the actual teen years when teenagers are more likely to be attending – or not attending –

teeth whitening tooth whitening cigno dental milwaukee

Some studies have shown that members of the opposite sex find persons with white teeth more attractive. But whether or not getting whiter teeth can actually help you find a mate or the love of your life? Well, that’s anyone’s guess. However, when your teeth are whiter, you smile more and the world could definitely use more smiles more often!

tooth pain and dental emergency Milwaukee Greenfield

Dental Emergency Defined

Your smile – you’re never really without it. Or you shouldn’t be. It’s that important. People decide a lot about you, just by your smile. So when something happens to harm or mess up your smile, it may always feel like a dental emergency. Yet, all dental “situations” are not necessarily a dental emergency.

So then, what does constitute a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is harm or injury to your mouth

Milwaukee braces treatment braces care

Milwaukee bracesbraces / orthodontics aren’t necessarily expensive when you consider you will likely have your one set of adult teeth your entire life.

But if you or your child is getting or has braces—well it’s not cheap either! And the last thing you want to do is waste your Milwaukee braces investment!

If you or a loved one has braces, it’s important to make sure you know and understand proper braces care. This helps

Milwaukee Braces Treatment Cigno Dental

Understanding the Milwaukee braces process – from preparation to during treatment and after – will help ensure you get the best result.

Before you get braces…

Make sure you take good care of your – or your child’s – teeth early… all along the way. On a regular basis, this includes brushing your teeth at least twice a day (but preferably after each meal), using a total care mouthwash (that fights / resists bacteria and

milwaukee root canal greenfield

If you’ve been told you need to have a root canal Milwaukee, take heart… you are definitely not alone.

Millions of people have a root canal procedure – or endodontic dental services – every year. And the good news is a root canal done by a top dentist in Milwaukee – or endodontist – can save your teeth and your smile! There is no better smile makeover than actually being able to smile!

What is

Cigno Family Dental Cerec Dental Restorations Milwaukee

Considering tooth restoration Milwaukee?

A lot of people go to the dentist in Milwaukee for a smile makeover. Others, however, go because they need to get their teeth fixed for practical – or even health – purposes. Milwaukee tooth restorations can fall under either category.

What is tooth restoration? A dental restoration or dental filling is a dental restorative material used to restore tooth function, integrity, and morphology of missing tooth structure. The structural loss typically results from caries (cavaties) or external trauma.

Milwaukee Family Dentistry pediatric dental tips

One of the most fun, yet challenging, areas of a family dental practice or in family dentistry is helping kids view their visit as exciting instead of intimidating or even frightening.

If taking your kids to the family dentist feels like pulling teeth, you’re not alone. Some parents even feel– despite their best efforts – their kids were born being afraid of going to the dentist.

When going to a pediatric dentist or an office

Milwaukee Pediatric Dentists family dentist in milwaukee

At Cigno Family Dental Milwaukee / Greenfield, we are a family dental practice – a family dentist in Milwaukee. We can meet the pediatric dental care needs of every child or adult in your family.

There are some dentists who specialize exclusively in children. These dentists are called Milwaukee pediatric dentists.

At Cigno Family Dental, we love to treat every family member of your family of every age! We want to be your family dentist in Milwaukee!

We love

Dr. Cigno appeared on NBC Channel 4 to discuss “Fastbraces” and how they help patients get straight teeth in as little as 20 weeks and how to get a full set of teeth in just one day! If you mention that you saw Dr. Cigno on The Morning Blend within the next 30 days, you’ll receive $500 off Fastbraces OR a complimentary consultation with a 3D image for dental

Did you know there are unexpected benefits of smiling?

At Cigno Family Dental, your smile is our business. And we take that business seriously, but with a smile as well. Let’s discuss the benefits of smiling! smile benefitsSome people rarely smile. It might be their personality – they just aren’t a “smiler”. Or maybe they’re too worried or stressed

Is your dental health related to heart health?

When it comes to heart health, you know what you need to do to keep your ticker in shape, right? You need to exercise, eat right, get good sleep, reduce stress…

However, there’s another factor of heart health that may surprise you… your dental health!

One of the most important factors in keeping your heart healthy may be taking care

Little girl at the dentist - pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentist or family dentist for kids? Which one should you choose?

At Cigno Family Dental Milwaukee / Greenfield, we are a family dental practice and can meet the pediatric dental care needs of every child or adult in your family.

While there are some dentists who specialize exclusively in children – called pediatric dentists – at Cigno Family Dental, we love to treat every family member of your family of every age!

Dental Benefits of Smiling

Benefits of Smiling? Yes! Here are 4…

At Cigno Family Dental, we love that there are real, tangible, benefits of smiling. Your smile is our business. And we take that business seriously, but with a smile as well.

Some people rarely smile. It might be their personality – they just aren’t a “smiler”. Or maybe they’re too worried or stressed to smile much. After all, we never really know what is going on in someone

Dental Health Heart Health

Can Taking Care Of Your Teeth Help You Live Longer?

Is your dental health related to heart health? Can taking care of your teeth help heart health?

When it comes to heart health, you know what you need to do to keep your ticker in shape, right? You need to exercise, eat right, get good sleep, reduce stress… However, there’s another factor of heart health that may surprise you. Taking care of your teeth! One of

fastbraces success stories Milwaukee dental office

Why We Offer Fastbraces® – Braces That Fix Teeth SUPER FAST!

Once upon a time, if you were told you (or your child or spouse) needed braces, you immediately pictured a mouth full of metal, usually for two to three years—or more!

Imagine… braces for teeth that can do their job – fix teeth or fix your bite – in as little as 20 or 30 weeks?!

Sound unbelievable? If you think braces you only have

fastbraces milwaukee braces

What Are Fastbraces® and How Do They Work?

Dr. Tony Cigno talks about Fastbraces® and how they fix teeth faster than other braces and faster than ever.

What to Expect With Fastbraces® – Braces That Fix Teeth Fast

If you, your child, or spouse / partner has been told braces are required to fix the teeth or bite, you now have choices! From clear braces, to Invisalign (retainer-like braces that can be removed when needed),

Cigno Family Dental believes in giving back with Hunger Task Force…

72-10 11s for sale cigno-family-dental-hunger-task-forceEvery year around Thanksgiving, we’re called to remember that in the midst of our rushing around to make our own holiday feast superb, there are people in the world – and in fact, in our own neighborhoods – who cannot afford to do the same for

Cigno Family Dental – Take Care of Your Children’s Dental Health With Happy Visits!

Cigno Family Dental can help your kids develop good dental habits!

cigno-family-dental-children-dental-MilwaukeeOne of the best things you can do for your children is to teach them to love going to the dentist. People who enjoy going to the dentist are much more likely to visit the recommended amount

Teach your children to love their Milwaukee children’s dentist in 3 steps!

kids-at-dentist-good-dental-healthTeach Your Children to Love their Milwaukee Children’s Dentist in 3 Steps (No, this is Not a Joke) There are many people on this planet who are terrified of going to the dentist. Maybe they had a traumatic experience, or they have heard frightening stories about dentists who didn’t care properly

We care about your family and want to manage your family dental care Milwaukee!

At Cigno Family Dental, your family dental care is our top priority!

cigno-family-dental-takes-care-of-family-dental-careFamilies are the backbone of everything in our culture. At Cigno Family Dental, we really believe that taking care of the family unit is the most important and impactful thing we can do to make the world a better

Tooth grinding can cause serious problems to your teeth.

Understanding tooth grinding Milwaukee…

Dental-Grinding-MilwaukeeClenching and grinding your teeth (also called “bruxism”) is very common among people who feel stress in their life, and often they aren’t even aware that it’s happening. When left untreated, consistent dental grinding over time can do serious damage to your teeth. If you suspect that you have

To Take Care of Your Teeth Right, Choose Your Toothbrush Wisely!

Proper dental care Milwaukee includes choosing the right toothbrush…

choose-your-toothbrush-wiselyFrom a young age, people are taught that if you brush and floss your teeth regularly, you’ll be taking good care of your teeth. However, not all toothbrushes are created equal, and it is possible to think you’re brushing properly when actually

Milwaukee Preventative Dental Care Is the Best Medicine…

Flossing is a major part of your preventative dental care Milwaukee!

preventative-dental-care-milwaukeeCigno Family Dental is committed to providing our patients with top-of-the-line and cutting-edge preventative dental care, routine dental care, and specialty dental care.

But we have a little secret: if every patient would take basic care of their teeth every day and come

Need to find a dentist Milwaukee? August is the time to come see Cigno Family Dental for your back-to-school Milwaukee family dental care!

Make sure you take care of your Milwaukee family dental care at the best dentist in Milwaukee before the kids head back to the classroom!

Back-to-School-with-Cigno-DentalAugust is a special month every year: parents wheel shopping carts up and down

Our Cigno Family Dental Patient Appreciation Picnic July 29th

patient-appreciation-cigno-family-dentalHere at Cigno Family Dental, one of our main objectives (besides offering world class dental healthcare) is to help bring together the Milwaukee community. We know that there are many options when it comes to dentistry, and we are so grateful for our patients’ continued loyalty that we want to show you just

Getting braces Milwaukee? Brushing regularly is important for many reasons! Avoiding decalcification is a big one!

getting-bracesMost of us have seen the kids at school who have white spots on their teeth after braces are removed. Those white spots are not a normal result of having braces: they are a result of the patient improperly brushing his or her teeth during the

July-referral-giveaway We are very excited to give away a gift card to the dells this month. What a great family trip you can have on us! All you have to do is send your friends and family to our office this month to be entered to win!

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professional teeth whitening Milwaukee

Milwaukee Dentist Cigno Family Dental Offering $150 Professional Teeth Whitening

June is the perfect time of year to whiten your teeth! What with graduations and wedding season popping up like summer flowers, everyone wants to look their best – and thanks to Milwaukee dentist Cigno Family Dental and their affordable, effective professional teeth whitening process, you could be smiling your brightest smile by the end of the month!

The Difference Between Professional Teeth Whitening with

At Cigno Family Dental we adore animals and love to give to organizations that help animals in need. We also know that having the love of a pet is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. That’s why we are collecting money and items for The Hank Fund, and we’d love to have your support. On to the Field and into Our Hearts Hank the DogThe Hank Fund

Father's DayJune is almost here! And that means that as the temperature rises, Father’s Day is just around the corner. This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 21st. In honor of Father’s Day, Cigno Family Dental is giving away two Milwaukee Brewers tickets during the month of June! How do you get the tickets? Simply go to our Facebook page

Dr. Cigno has always prided himself on his belief in patient-centered care. Since the age of five, when Dr. Cigno saw how his father was able to change the lives of people through dentistry, he knew he wanted to be a dentist. Together, he and his father still share a passion for dentistry. One of the ways the Drs. Cigno give back to the community is through a wonderful organization called Dentistry from the Heart

We at Cigno Family Dental believe that we provide the best dental care in Milwaukee, and we hope that we have a positive impact on the lives of all of our patients. One of our favorite ways to give back to the community is through our ongoing monthly referral program: we love to draw attention to the best services Milwaukee has to offer. We give away prizes every month as a special thank-you to our

April Referral Winner Kayle

Milwaukee Dentist Tony Cigno – Cigno Family Dental – Referral Contest Winner

April’s Referral Basket will be a roaring good time. As a way for us to say thank you to our awesome patients who have referred their friends and family members to us, Cigno Family Dental will be giving away a Family Pass to the Milwaukee County Zoo!! Ask us how your name can be entered in for this awesome opportunity!!

Cigno Family Dental is very saddened to learn of the passing of one of our community members. Amber Ruth Ripple, 28, took her life after a long battle with mental illness. Amber was the only child of Jodie Baacke and Henry Ripple, Jr. Through her life, she hid much of her struggle with her mental illness and kept only several close friends though she was dearly loved. The crushing societal stigma against mental health issues

This year, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 10th. To celebrate mom, all during the month of May Cigno Family Dental invites you to visit our Facebook page and post a story about your mother. Describe why your mom deserves a day of pampering and tell us about all the things she does that make you feel grateful. Whoever gets the most Facebook likes on their story wins!

Milwaukee Area Dentist, Cigno Dental, Monthly Referral Program and Family Zoo Pass Month

Most of our clients already know about Cigno Family Dental’s monthly referral program. If you refer family, friends or co-workers who make an appointment with our dental associates Milwaukee, we will randomly select a winner to receive a cool prize. We vary the prizes from month to month to keep it intriguing (and the prizes are really fun, if we don’t say

Cigno Family Dental Oral Cancer AwarenessDid you know that April is oral cancer awareness month?

You might not think much about dental cancer. But the good news about cancers in the mouth is that proper oral cancer screening can catch it early, increasing the changes of a good outcome.

Cigno Family Dental is determined to be proactive about early dental cancer detection and so we’re offering free oral

Milwaukee Brewers Cigno Family DentalAhh, Milwaukee Brewers baseball is back! Opening day is Monday, April 6th and here at Cigno Family Dental, we can’t wait to celebrate! Boy, do we have something in store for you guys, not only in our office, but in the parking lot before you step foot inside. Even if you don’t have an appointment with us on April 6th, be sure to

We believe that you won’t be better cared for by any other dental office in town! It’s our mission to touch the lives of as many people as possible, and our ongoing referral program is just one way Dr. Cigno gives back to the community, touches people in a positive way and helps us maintain vital health. Here’s a peek at what we’re offering this month and what’s on the horizon. Want to See the

gaige You are going to LOVE March’s Referral Basket. Cigno Family Dental is giving away 4 tickets to an Milwaukee Admirals Hockey game. We are positive the hockey game will be nothing short of stick slapping fun!! Ask us how you can get your name entered into the Referral Basket!

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Barb With Valentine’s Day being this month we found it fitting that for our referral basket for February would be a date night!! We are giving away a gift card to Il Mito’s Restaurant for two and we will also arrange to have someone pick you up in style for your date!!! Ask us how you can get your name in the referral basket drawing.

Here at Cigno Family Dental, we realize that when it comes to dental health, many Milwaukee kids are underserved. Because there is a great need for children to be seen by the dentist, we decided to go out into the community and be part of the solution for Dental Health Month.

We care about all our clients, and we place a particularly high value on preparing children for their first dental visit. We want kids

Pierre With the temperatures a little on the chilly side we though a Movie Theater gift card would be awesome for January. Warm-up with some popcorn, comfy seat, good movie and great company!! Ask us how you can get your name in the referral basket drawing.

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mia For the referral basket for December, one lucky person will win a $200 Gift Card to Target for your kind words and referrals. Ask us how you can get your name in the referral basket drawing.

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lori Our November Referral Basket has a little bit of everything for the holiday season including a $100 gift card to Pick’N Save. Ask us how you can get your name in the referral basket drawing.

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image I work with a couple of gals that are trying to get their hands on the $200 gift card to Kohl’s that we are giving away for the month of October!! Ask us how you can get your name in the referral basket drawing.

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DorisPacker season is soon approaching so we figured a nice new large TV would be best for this month’s referral basket to watch those Packers!!! Ask us how you can get your name in the referral basket drawing.

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