Dentures In Greenfield, WI

Looking for the best dentures near Greenfield, WI? The expert team at Cigno Family Dental crafts both full dentures and partial dentures that are customized for optimal fit, look, and comfort.

Our team is committed to providing our patients with affordable restorative treatments. That's why we always offer FREE dentures consultations to both our new and established patients!  Call us today to book your free consultation!

What Are Removable Dentures?

Removable dentures are fake teeth designed especially for you! At Cigno Family Dental, we are pleased to offer both full dentures and partial dentures.

Full Dentures

Are you missing all of your natural teeth due to injury, decay, or age? If so, you could be a good candidate for full dentures. Full dentures are crafted to look and function just as - or even better than - your natural teeth. They are fully-removable and durable enough to be worn while eating your favorite foods.

Partial Dentures

Missing just a few teeth? A partial denture could fill the gap in your smile. Removable partial dentures clasp into place, supported by your existing teeth. In most cases, they are a more affordable alternative to dental implants.

How Do I Take Care Of My Dentures?

Just like your natural teeth, full and partial dentures require daily care in order to stay clean and keep dangerous bacteria at bay. Begin by removing your dentures and rinsing your mouth after each meal. At the end of the day, brush your dentures thoroughly to eliminate plaque and tartar before soaking them overnight.

It's not unusual for patients to experience changes in fit over time. If your dentures are beginning to feel too tight, too loose, or just generally uncomfortable, call our Greenfield dental office for a quick adjustment.

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