April is Family Zoo Pass Month

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Most of our clients already know about Cigno Family Dental’s monthly referral program. If you refer family, friends or co-workers who make an appointment with our dental associates Milwaukee, we will randomly select a winner to receive a cool prize. We vary the prizes from month to month to keep it intriguing (and the prizes are really fun, if we don’t say so ourselves)!

The weather is starting to warm up, so spending some time outdoors with the family is finally possible. Here’s what we have to offer for April’s Referral Basket drawing.

Unlimited Trips to the Zoo and…

Dental Associates Milwaukee Cigno Family Dental Milwaukee County Zoo…free parking! If you make a referral and become April’s randomly selected winner, you’ll gain entry to the zoo and all of its activities throughout the year. It’s been a long winter, and one of the things we love about the Milwaukee County Zoo is its park-like landscape.

You and your family can get out in the fresh air and walk around for a simple day together. Bond with each other and enjoy watching the animals in their habitats!

Another reason to put your name in the mix is to gain access to the Zoo’s A La Carte program. Restaurants will set up booths throughout the zoo and you’ll be able to sample food from several local Milwaukee eateries. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

February Basket Referral Winner

Congratulations to the winner from our February drawing, the Haushalter family! They have won a romantic dinner and limousine ride courtesy of Il Mito restaurant, the brainchild of our local celebrity chef Michael Feker, and Limousines Inc., who will provide the transportation.

The restaurant is offering a romantic dinner for two; they will serve a bottle of wine, appetizers, dinner and dessert. The Haushalters will be picked up and then dropped back home so they won’t have to lift a finger. Dr. Cigno will greet them at the restaurant for a fun photo op that we’ll post on our website!

Who do you know from your personal or professional life that really needs proper dental care in a warm, family-friendly environment? Tell them to call our office at (414) 282-6020 this April for your chance to win a year’s worth of zoo visits!

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