Why Are Electric Toothbrushes Better Than Traditional Toothbrushes?

electric toothbrush

Many people seem to believe the toothpaste chosen is the most important part of brushing, but that’s not always the case. In many cases, the toothbrush itself is the most important part of brushing your teeth. That is why we love electric toothbrushes here at Cigno Dental!

If you want to brush better, you should start by choosing a good toothbrush.

Consider investing in an electric toothbrush rather than a traditional toothbrush.

Here’s why – or ways – an electric toothbrush can be better than a manual toothbrush:

1. A good electric toothbrush simply works better to get your teeth and gums cleaner.

Simply put, the motion of a quality electric toothbrush will do more to keep your teeth and gums in top-tip-shape, when combined with proper brushing, than proper brushing alone.

According to a 2005 independent study on electric toothbrushes, “Brushes that worked with a rotation oscillation action removed more plaque and reduced gingivitis more effectively than manual brushes in the short and long term… No other powered brush designs were consistently superior…” * Oral-B pioneered this oscillating, pulsating and cupping power technology in 1991 and has incorporated it into its premium power toothbrush range ever since.

2. Most quality electric toothbrushes have timers to help ensure you brush long enough.

Many dentists and dental professionals recommend brushing for at least two minutes. A lot of higher-quality electric toothbrushes have a timer to make sure you brush for that length of time. This is especially beneficial for kids and teens who often don’t brush long enough without the timer.

3. Electric toothbrushes have other technological features that make them superior to manual toothbrushes as well. According to the OralB website:

  • Numerous brushing modes specialized for sensitive teeth, whitening benefits or gum-massaging action
  • Pressure sensors to signal when you’re brushing too hard
  • Timers to help you keep track of how long you’re brushing each quadrant of your mouth
  • Digital reminders to replace your brush head
  • Oscillating/pulsating and cupping, oscillating/rotating or sonic technology
  • Multiple brush head compatibility so you can choose which kind of bristle design you prefer

4. An electric toothbrush helps clean hard-to-reach places.

Let’s face it—it can be hard to reach all the areas of your mouth that need to be cleaned, with a standard toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes help you reach those places easier.

Are Electric Toothbrushes Worth Paying For?

As explained above, electric toothbrushes definitely get your teeth cleaner than a traditional toothbrush.

Just don’t forget – no matter what – you’ll need to floss as well as brush to get your teeth and gums as healthy and clean as possible. In conclusion, the degree to which you are thorough while brushing with any type of toothbrush, is more important than the type of toothbrush you use. However, investing in a good toothbrush – and especially, a good electric toothbrush, is a great idea.

If you are not content with your outcome after brushing normally, with a standard toothbrush, then investing in an electric toothbrush is likely to be a very “worth it” choice.

Keep in mind that the cleaner you keep your teeth and gums, the healthier they’ll be. The healthier they are, the longer they will last you. Once your adult teeth are gone, you don’t grow another set. Dentures will be your next resort. Thus, purchasing a good electric toothbrush could really be considered “investing” in the well-being of your smile and dental health for years to come!

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