Let’s Hear it for Dad: Father’s Day Giveaway

Father's DayJune is almost here! And that means that as the temperature rises, Father’s Day is just around the corner. This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 21st. In honor of Father’s Day, Cigno Family Dental is giving away two Milwaukee Brewers tickets during the month of June!

How do you get the tickets? Simply go to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MilwaukeeDental and post a photo with an accompanying story about your dad. Tell us why your dad should be the winner of the Brewers tickets. The post with the most “likes” will win the tickets!

When you’re writing your “Dad Story,” remember to be specific. Does your dad do something funny that always makes you laugh? Has he taught you an incredible lesson about life? Has he saved you from a dangerous situation? Does he do something embarrassing that makes you want to scream? We want to hear all types of stories!

Don’t forget: a picture is worth a thousand words so feel free to get creative when choosing the photo. Try to get one that captures your dad in his natural habitat. We especially love photos of dad when he was young! How did he look on his wedding day? Is he an expert fisherman or craftsman? Let us see why you’re proud of your dad to win those tickets!

One Dad’s Legacy
Cigno Family Dental owes a great debt to one father in particular: it was Dr. Cigno’s father who inspired him to become a dentist. We are so grateful that Dr. Cigno decided to be a dentist as a child while watching his dad, and we’re very aware of how fathers can influence their children in a million powerful ways.

Dr. Cigno is proud to be a dad himself and strives to continue the tradition of love and support his father showed him. As we know, it makes all the difference.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Our referral basket this month will be a cooler filled with tailgating supplies, and by the way, it’s possible Milwaukee Brewers Cigno Family Dentalto win the cooler AND the tickets! Just give us the name of a friend, co-worker or family member who would like to receive incredible dental care, and when he or she books an appointment, you’re automatically entered to win. Imagine a fantastic day at the ballpark with your dad and a cooler full of tailgating goodies – what could be better?

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