Milwaukee Area Dentist Tony Cigno Publishes a New Article Discussing What to Expect from Emergency Dental Treatments Like Getting a Tooth Pulled

Milwaukee area dentist Dr. Tony shares exactly what you can anticipate if you are having a tooth pulled.

Greenfield, WI — July 20, 2018 — Wisconsin Dentist Tony Cigno recently published an article titled, “Dental 911 and Emergency Dental Treatment: What to Expect When Getting a Tooth Pulled.”

In a lifetime, adults will have only two sets of teeth—baby teeth and adult teeth. Adult teeth, of course, have to last the longest—most of the adults’ life, in fact. However, there may be times when one of those teeth will need to be pulled. This might be due to illness, injury, or some other dental emergency.

As Dr. Cigno explains, “If a tooth becomes too badly damaged from trauma or decay and it’s too bad to repair, then it will need to be extracted. Another reason it could be necessary to have a tooth pulled is due to a crowded mouth. For example, dentists will sometimes pull teeth to prepare the mouth for orthodontia.”

Dr. Cigno goes on to elaborate that when an adult tooth needs to be pulled, the extraction could be performed by a dentist or oral surgeon. Usually, he shares, this will take place after a strong anesthetic has been injected into the general area or while the patient is sedated.

Next, he describes the process of tooth removal itself. The procedure begins with the dentist or surgeon using forceps to loosen the tooth from the jaw bone and ligaments. Increasing force will be applied until the tooth comes completely out. Once it has been removed, the socket of the tooth will be packed with gauze to prevent bleeding. In more extensive cases, stitches might be required.

Finally, Dr. Cigno goes into what to expect prior to the extraction, as well as what is standard afterwards.

The entire article can be found here:

About Dr. Tony Cigno

Milwaukee Dentist Dr. Antonio (Tony) Cigno has been practicing dentistry for 25 years. He received a DMD from the Washington University School of Dental Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Cigno is also finishing a Fellowship and Mastership at the Academy of General Dentistry.

Additionally, he has written and published several articles and is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, American Association of Functional Orthodontics, and the International Association of Orthodontics. Dr. Cigno was Wisconsin’s very 1st and Premiere Provider of Fastbraces and one of 10 senior master affiliates in the world.

Committed to continuing education, Dr. Cigno has completed over 600 hours of additional courses in implant dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, fixed prosthodontics, myofascial pain/occlusion and operative dentistry. He also has another 400 hours in interpersonal communication training.

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