My Teeth Itch – What’s Up?! (Why Teeth Itch Every Now and Then)

itchy teeth and why teeth itch

As weird as the idea of “itchy teeth” might sound to some people, it’s a pretty common occurrence to others.

When teeth itch, the feeling can range from mildly irritating to downright annoying. Furthermore, what makes itchy teeth even more frustrating, is that when teeth itch, it often seems like there is little you can do to relieve the itchy feeling.

At Cigno Dental, Dr. Tony Cigno strives to be a one-stop-shop for all your dental care needs.

No matter whether you need major dental treatments such as dental implants or a root canal, a cavity filled, teeth whitened, or even need an unusual dental situation such as itchy teeth addressed, Dr. Cigno and the Cigno Dental team stand ready and willing to assist.

In the case of itchy teeth, the first thing we will do here at Cigno Dental, is help you determine why the teeth itch.

Below are some of the more common reasons a dental patient might experience this sensation.

The problem of itchy teeth or dental itchiness might begin inside the tooth.

If any of the internal tooth structures have been damaged – or are inflamed or infected – this can create an “itch.”

Thus, to solve this cause of dental itchiness, it is necessary to first diagnose the primary issue. The treatment will depend on any problem found and what that problem is. In the more serious cases, a crown may be required or even a root canal if the pulp, nerves, or blood vessels are found to be affected.

Another potential cause of itchy-feeling teeth is less significant (but can still cause rather pesky sensation).

If you have recently had dental work done such as a filling or even if you’ve experienced mild injury to a tooth or surrounding gum area, you might be experiencing an itch due to healing. This is not altogether “rare” and usually, will go away with time. However, if you notice the feeling lingering for a significant period, it’s a good idea to come in and let Dr. Cigno check it out, just to be safe.

Do you grind or clench your teeth?

Over time, doing either can cause tooth and even surrounding tissue itchiness. For one, you might be altering the alignment of the teeth, causing minor injury in a cycle of injury, heal, injury, heal.

Thus, it comes to seem like the teeth are always itchy when it is the healing (good) part of this cycle that is creating the “itch” and it just feels as if it’s consistent. If you believe this might be the case, there are things we can do to help if you come in and pay us a visit.

On the other hand, the issue might exist in your gums.

If your gums itch and you also feel or see swelling and other signs of gum irritation, it’s a good idea to let Dr. Cigno look and check out your gum health. All these signs can (possibly) point to gum disease which needs to be treated as soon as possible. In the last article we posted, we covered itchy gums more in-depth.

Finally, itching and irritation of the teeth and gums might be due to your specific toothpaste, mouthwash, or can even be attributed to tobacco. Additionally, dental itchiness caused by vaping is a somewhat new circumstance that dental professionals are seeing more often.

If you have itchy teeth, then it’s a good idea to schedule a dental visit to check out any possible medical reasons.

Dr. Cigno and his dental team will be glad to help you – and your teeth – get back to feeling good, fast!



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