Want Beautiful Teeth? Whiten Teeth Permanently & Fix Chipped and Crooked Teeth with a CEREC® Smile Makeover!

CEREC® Smile Makeover

Why consider a CEREC® smile makeover?

There’s something about straight, full-sized, white teeth that simply makes a person look…better. Study after study shows people perceive others who have white, straight, teeth as looking younger, more attractive, and even healthier than others.

That’s one reason crowns and veneers – specifically CEREC® veneers – to straighten and whiten teeth fast have become so popular.

Not surprisingly, those with great teeth smile more often too, making them look better overall, as well as happier and more approachable. Many people who want to improve, whiten, or straighten your teeth and smile think of professional whitening and braces. Yet, there are other options too!

Veneers may seem like nothing new. They have long been an option for fixing the above dental issues. Veneers are porcelain “caps” put on the front or top of the teeth to fix chips, stains, cracks, or other issues that can be “covered up.”

In our office we are trained in the best – and most advanced – porcelain veneers product and technology. A CEREC® smile makeover can be an amazing gift to yourself!

CEREC® stands for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic. CERAC® veneers are all-ceramic veneers that are very natural-looking and the process is much faster than traditional options as well. Imagine—getting a full set of veneers in as little as four hours! Furthermore, the CEREC® machine can be used for many additional cosmetic and structural dental procedures including crowns, bonding, onlays, and inlays.

A CEREC® smile makeover is so great because the veneer material closely resembles the natural tooth. The process also completely takes place in a CEREC® dentist’s office, like ours here at Cigno Dental. Usually, this can happen in a single appointment!

Contrastingly, traditional veneers require at least two appointments. The first of these appointments happens when your teeth are prepared and a model is cast. The model is then sent off to a lab where your veneers are made. In the interim, you will wear a set of acrylic temporaries to cover the prepped teeth. A few weeks later when your veneers are complete, you’ll come in, try them on, and then take them back off so they can be permanently bonded on to the teeth.

On the other hand, with CEREC® veneers, a single appointment is possible because – again – it all takes place right here! First, your teeth are prepared. Then, an optical scan is made of your teeth. Next, a computerized milling machine will make your veneers—perfectly designed for your teeth. And finally, since they are a perfect fit, they just get put on for good!

As mentioned earlier, this process – and CEREC® veneers – can solve a variety of dental issues. Some examples where they are especially suitable include permanent whitening of discolored teeth, fixing chipped teeth, and even straightening slightly crooked teeth.

Here are some specific dental situations in which CEREC® veneers can shine as a cosmetic or structural dental solution:

  • When there is extra spacing or a gap in the front teeth
  • When there is slight overlapping of the front teeth
  • When teeth are small or undersized (which can make you appear older!)

Basically, CEREC® veneers can fix almost all the issues addressed by traditional braces or even Invisalign. With a few exceptions that can and should be identified and reviewed by your Dentist, whether to choose veneers or some form of braces, often just depends on your goals and personal preference.

Do just keep in mind with front teeth and for cosmetic dentistry – or smile makeover purposes – it’s important to find a dental professional (or Milwaukee Dentist) who is truly an artist. It’s always a good idea to ask for before and after photos to ensure your Dentist can get the look you desire.

We’d love to talk with you and see if veneers – and CEREC® veneers – might be the perfect cosmetic dentistry procedure you’re looking for to make your smile picture-perfect!

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