Bring Your Children to Cigno Family Dental for “Happy Visits” and they’ll Develop Healthy Habits for Life

Cigno Family Dental - Take Care of Your Children's Dental Health With Happy Visits!

Cigno Family Dental can help your kids develop good dental habits!

One of the best things you can do for your children is to teach them to love going to the dentist. People who enjoy going to the dentist are much more likely to visit the recommended amount of times (twice annually), keep up with their brushing and flossing regimen and sustain healthy habits for the rest of their lives.

At Cigno Family Dental, it’s really important to us to create a kid-friendly environment so our little patients associate the dentist with a loving and gentle experience.

Want to know how we do that? Well, Dr. Cigno created something called “Happy Visits,” where he basically eases young children into the idea of visiting the dentist. Here’s what they normally look like...

Happy Visit #1: Can I Look in Your Mouth?
People ask us all the time when the best time is for them to bring in their children. We tell them, “Bring your kids with you to the dentist, and we’ll welcome them back with you!”

While you’re getting your teeth cleaned, your child can sit in the corner with your spouse or alone and see what it looks like. Dr. Cigno will ask your child, “Can I look in your mouth?”

If the child allows Dr. Cigno to see his or her teeth, we consider that a huge success!

Happy Visit #2: Would You Like to Sit in the Chair?
On the second happy visit, which we suggest happens about two weeks after the first one (depending on the age of the child), Dr. Cigno will invite your child to sit in the dentist chair. Maybe the child will sit on your lap while the dentist makes the chair go up and down.

See? The dentists’ chair can be really fun!

Happy Visit #3: Can I Count Your Teeth?
On the next visit, Dr. Cigno will ask the child is it’s okay for him to count the number of teeth. Sometimes if the child seems comfortable, Dr. Cigno will ask if it is okay to polish the teeth.

Whatever the answer is from your child, it’s perfectly fine. Dr. Cigno’s intention is to create a relationship of safety and fun. We have seen very brave children allow Dr. Cigno to work on their teeth after three visits, and we’ve also seen things take a little longer.

Both cases are perfect – Dr. Cigno never pushes a child past where he or she wants to go. If the child feels mistrusting, or the child isn’t having a good day, Dr. Cigno will give him or her the space they need. It’s about creating a sense of emotional comfort and nurturing a love for health.

Are you looking for a warm, nurturing dentist for your children? We would love to meet them (and you!). Call us today at (414) 377-4604 to set up an appointment.

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