Dental Care: What You Should Know About Choosing a Dental Plan That’s Perfect for You

You probably don’t need to be convinced that dental care is important not only for your teeth, mouth, and gums but for your overall health as well.

In today’s modern society, there is no real excuse for you not to get the dental care you want and need.

Yet, there are still people who don’t get that care. Sometimes, it’s because they are afraid of the dentist. Other times, it’s because they can’t find the right dentist for their situation and tastes. Or it may be financial. They may simply not be able to afford it.

This is where dental insurance can be a vital part of getting proper dental care

Yet, there are so many different choices regarding dental insurance too. Consequently, it can be hard to know which way to turn—which plan to choose. 

Perhaps the most important piece of advice to remember… Don’t just choose the cheapest – or least expensive – dental insurance. Instead, look for the plan that can give you the best service at a cost you can afford. But there are several other factors you should consider too.

Here are some questions to ask when choosing your best dental insurance option: 

Can I choose my dentist?

Just as with health insurance, there are some dental insurance plans that will restrict your dentist selection. There are also others that will let you choose. For even other options, if your favorite dentist doesn’t fall under your plan, you may be able to pay a little more to continue to use him or her.

Will my dentist and I have the freedom to choose the best dental treatment for me?

Many dental insurance plans limit their payment(s) to the least expensive (cheapest) treatment option possible, depending on the condition(s) being treated.

Therefore, when choosing dental insurance, you may want to discuss your options with your dentist as he/she will likely know of any limitations for most providers and whether or not that will impact your specific dental situation and possible future procedures / treatments that may be necessary as a result.

What are the usual services covered?

The best dental insurance plans often cover two cleanings within a year include in the plan. Fluoride treatments and x-rays should also be covered at these two appointments, at least, without additional cost. For other common dental procedures, the plan should at least cover a part of the service and ideally, 50% or more.

Are there any appointment time limitations for my dentist and the dental insurance providers I am considering?

Some dentists may limit the appointment times available to patients who utilize specific dental insurance providers. Therefore, be sure to discuss your plan considerations with your dentist to ensure that your selection won’t affect your freedom regarding appointment times or even days of the week.

How much will I pay?

Most dental plans are well worth the premium price. Usually, employee-sponsored dental plans have the best coverage at the best price. Additionally, depending on your tax situation, sometimes your dental premiums will be tax deductible.

If this isn’t an option, even buying your own dental plan will almost certainly save you money on your dental care over paying out of pocket.

Regardless of the cost of your dental insurance – or what it covers / does not cover – in most cases, it is still a great value and a smart buy. Unlike some other insurances, dental care is something you will always need and therefore, your premiums never wasted.


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