Preventative Dental Care is the Best Medicine, and Flossing is a Major Part of that Care

Milwaukee Preventative Dental Care Is the Best Medicine...

Flossing is a major part of your preventative dental care Milwaukee!

Cigno Family Dental is committed to providing our patients with top-of-the-line and cutting-edge preventative dental care, routine dental care, and specialty dental care.

But we have a little secret: if every patient would take basic care of their teeth every day and come see us twice a year like we tell them to - which is the very definition of preventative dental care Milwaukee - we wouldn’t have a business!

That’s right, our business only exists because of poor dental habits. Sure, every now and then someone knocks a tooth out on the football field, but for the most part, the issues we see over and over again could easily have been prevented with good oral health practices and good preventative dental care.

Here’s what you can do to save yourself a whole lot of hassle, pain and money down the line...

Preventative Dental Care Note 1 - Floss Every Single Day
Flossing is a major component of your oral health for two reasons: first, it prevents interproximal decay (cavities between your teeth), and second, it supports the foundation of your tooth.

Even the best tooth brushing techniques and the most sophisticated brushes will still not be able to reach certain hard-to-access zones of the mouth. More specifically, we’re talking about the spot where two teeth touch. If plaque builds up where the teeth touch, you’ll get decay as a result.

We see this kind of decay almost every single day. It leads to sensitivity and can be very expensive to repair. Only flossing can access these areas and truly clean the tooth enough to prevent cavities.

Around each tooth is a cuff of tissue where bacteria like to build up. Your toothbrush can only reach 2-3 mm below the gum lines to clean out this tissue cuff... but your floss, when used properly, can remove any plaque that’s lodged in there. In a healthy situation, that doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t bleed.

Preventative Dental Care Note 2 - But Flossing Makes Me Bleed!
Think of it this way: imagine that you washed your hands and your cuticles bled and hurt. If that happened, you would probably think, “Oh my, I must have an infection!” Cuticle bleeding is certainly not a natural part of hand washing!
It’s the same thing with the tissues around your teeth. If you brush or floss and your teeth bleed or hurt, it’s because you have an active infection. This means that you must get in to see your dentist as soon as possible: Gum Disease is a serious infection caused by bacteria in your mouth that must be addressed right away.

Preventative Dental Care Note 3 - Mind Your Diet
More and more frequently, we see young adults come into the dental office with tooth decay due to the copious amount of sugar they consume on a regular basis. Sports drinks in particular are culprits: every swig of the sugary drink you take bathes your teeth in fluid that contributes heavily to decayed teeth.

If you must consume a sugary drink, don’t nurse it. Drink it and then flush out your mouth with water to reduce the negative impact.

Going in to see your dentist ever 6 months is an important aspect of your overall health. If it feels expensive, set aside $25 per month to prepare for the cost – it will be well worth it, we promise! Just like you take your car in regularly to get the oil changed so that it doesn’t break down on the highway, get your mouth examined and cleaned twice a year to prevent health problems down the line.

Ready to schedule your next cleaning? We know that the scraping and digging that occurs in most other dental offices is uncomfortable, which is why we use the most advanced ultrasonic technology in the industry. Combined with a high pressure “exfoliator” that removes soft plaque and stains quickly, you’ll be surprised at how pleasant an experience a tooth cleaning can be!

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