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Dental Care Tips: Proper Tooth Brushing In Part 1 of our dental care tips on proper tooth brushing, we talked about some ways people brush their teeth “wrong”—or not as good as they should. Remember - brushing your teeth incorrectly can damage the enamel and cause permanent damage. Therefore, brushing your teeth the right way...

The holiday dental emergency is never convenient. Milwaukee area dentist Dr. Tony Cigno shares the best way to manage emergency dental treatment or a holiday dental emergency when many family dental offices in Milwaukee or Greenfield are closed. Greenfield, WI — December 19, 2017— Wisconsin Dentist Tony Cigno recently published an article titled, “How to...

Holiday dental emergencies stink. A dental emergency – a dental accident or dental injury that happens unexpectedly and that must be addressed immediately to prevent further damage or harm – is not only urgent, but also a total bummer when it happens over the holidays. Why are holiday dental emergencies so tough? First, the dental...

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