Teach Your Children to Love their Children's Dentist in 3 Steps (No, this is Not a Joke)

Teach your children to love their Milwaukee children's dentist in 3 steps!

Teach Your Children to Love their Milwaukee Children's Dentist in 3 Steps (No, this is Not a Joke)

There are many people on this planet who are terrified of going to the dentist. Maybe they had a traumatic experience, or they have heard frightening stories about dentists who didn’t care properly for other people.

At Cigno Family Dental, we’ve seen a lot of patients who were initially afraid to sit down in the dental chair. With a lot of patience and gentleness, we’re always able to help people see that whatever their experience was before, they’re only going to receive the most loving, pressure-free dental care Milwaukee has to offer at our office.

Dental health is so incredibly vital to your overall wellbeing [LINK: Tough Truths About Gum Disease] that it’s a real shame when an otherwise healthy individual refuses to visit a dentist twice a year, and it can be tough for adults to overcome past experiences and walk through our office door.

The good news is, even if you’re an adult who has had bad experiences in the past, you can still teach your children to love going to the dentist.

Yes! There are people in the world who absolutely love going to the dentist! Those people usually have the best oral hygiene and are the least prone to disease.

Here’s how to help your child love their Milwaukee children's dentist from a very young age, in three steps.

Step 1: Make it Fun and Playful
Children are incredibly perceptive, and they’ll pick up right away on any tone or attitude you have toward going to the dentist. This means that you can deeply affect them if you talk about your dental visits in a positive, open manner.

Say things like, “Oh, guess what? We get to go to see Dr. Cigno in a couple days! They’re going to brush your teeth for you!” to encourage your children to look forward to the visit.

When you’re looking forward to the visit, they’ll start to look forward to it, too.

Step 2: Educate Your Children about Dental Health
Dr. Cigno was once in an airport when he heard a child acting up. Frustrated, the mother responded, “You’d better stop crying or I’m going to take you to the dentist!”

Yikes! Framing a dental visit as punishment is certainly not the way to help your child develop healthy life-long habits.

Good dental care is a luxury that we get to enjoy as 21st century Americans, and it makes an incredible difference in our health. It doesn’t have to be painful (don’t believe us? Come in for a visit! [LINK: Scheduling Page]) and it can truly transform the way you think and feel about yourself.

When you share this sort of attitude with your children, they will adopt it as well.

Step 3: Choose the Right Milwaukee Children's Dentist
Most of the dentists we know are incredibly warm and wonderful people, but it is important to make sure you choose the right office for your family.

Here at Cigno Family Dental, one of our core values is caring for the family unit [LINK: Cigno Family Dental Takes Care of Families – Physically, Emotionally, and Financially] and we’ve created a practice around the idea of supporting families as much as we can.

If you’re looking for a dentist in the Milwaukee area, we would love to meet you and your little ones! Call us today at (414) 377-4604 to set up an appointment.

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