New and Improved Dental Procedures & Dentistry Advances in Dental Care and Dental Treatments

The world of dentistry and dental technology has tremendously improved over the past couple hundred years or so. Dentists are now able to do in a dental procedure or dental procedures, what would have been the unthinkable 100 years ago.

Not only is the impossible now possible as it relates to dental technology and advances in dental procedures, but these advances makes for much safer and effective procedures all the way around!

Don’t believe it? Check out these top 10 dental technology advances and dental procedures:

Dental Sealants

As part of affordable dental care, dental sealants are a great, safe, way to keep those pesky sugars and bacteria out of hard to reach areas on kids’ molars. A common dental procedure, sealants can be applied in no time, right in the dental office. This is a preventative for cavities and decay.

Numbing Gel:

You may not think much about numbing gel - especially not as an advance or "dental procedure" - because it is so common, but if you’ve ever had a shot of Novocain without it, then you’ll understand why it is such a life-saver. The gel is able to remove a lot of pain and discomfort from the needle going into your skin.

Power toothbrushes:

Power toothbrushes are considered to be one of the finer things in life. They do most of the work for you, so you’re still getting a clean smile without brushing too hard. These brushes also help get into hard to reach places, preventing cavities in your adult molars.

Loupes and magnification:

Your mouth can only open so wide, so that is all the space the dentist has to work with. Teeth can have only a very small amount of damage, but that small damage can cause huge problems. This is where the technology of loupes and magnification comes in to assist the dentists during procedures, so they can assure they’ve hit the damage spot on, making the procedures all the more successful.


Composites are a wonderful dental procedure - and one that makes it so much easier to restore your smile. There are MANY shades of “white” to match the patients natural color. Not only can the color match perfectly, but the transition between the natural tooth and the restoration, is smooth and unnoticed.


This is a precise way to create restorative pieces in one visit. This technology makes the procedure more successful, but it is also done in a timely manner. Everyone loves quick, quality, service so this leaves the patient satisfied with their dentist.

Clear aligners / Invisalign:

Braces are not a good look for everybody, so good thing we have clear aligners! Clear aligners like Invisalign are a way for adults to straighten their smile without the hunk of metal in their mouth. They’re clear and effective!


Fastbraces® can do the work of traditional braces in a very short period of time. Such an advance means that braces no longer have to be worn for several years. Instead, the time is much condensed. To note – we at Cigno Dental are a premier provider of Fastbraces®!

Dental Implants:

Dental implants have saved many, many, smiles. They replace damaged teeth. They aren’t exactly your natural teeth, but they’re very close. Dental implant cost is not extremely high either, especially with affordable dental insurance. Furthermore, dental implants can provide you with a full smile, you can bite with an implant, and relax, knowing your dentist has got you covered!


You may not think this falls under a dental procedure or dental technology, but it does. Dental offices have incorporated headphones, small monitors for movies, heated blankets, and so much more so that the patient will be comfortable while their smile is being worked on.

Sedation Dentistry:

Going hand-in-hand with comfort, is sedation dentistry. This can accompany a dental procedure and is when a dentist uses – or provides – varying levels of sedation during dental procedures for patients who are hyper-sensitive to pain or have dental fears and phobias. For these patients, sedation dentistry might seem more like a miracle than a technological advance. Perhaps, it’s both!

Electronic reminders:

This may not be specifically dental-related or related to a dental procedure, but electronic reminders are a great, easy way to remind patients of upcoming appointments. No longer do you just have to “remember” your appointments or keep track of appointment cards. Instead, we can reach out to you automatically when your appointment is approaching or due. We can even use these reminders to stay in touch with you and help you stay on top of your dental health in general!

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